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Expectations Versus the Reality of Book Marketing

During this episode, Becky is joined by leadership consultant, philanthropic strategist, and author of One Bold Move a Day: Meaningful Actions Women Can Take to Fulfill Their Leadership and Career Potential, Shanna Hocking. Becky and Shanna discuss the challenges of the book marketing journey, knowing when to re-strategize your book plan, and why you should make one bold move a day.  During the episode, you will discover:   The expectations versus the reality of book marketing.Why it’s important to invest in yourself and your book launch.Ways to overcome book marketing challenges. How to know when it’s time to re-strategize your book marketing plan. Tips for aspiring authors looking to market their books.How to take bold actions towards your goals. Surprises and rewards of the author's journey. Make sure you check out our show notes, which include action steps and resources. Please feel free to message Becky at to share your thoughts!

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