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Finding Your Niche as a Fiction Author with Jody Sperling

This episode focuses on how fiction authors can identify their niche and use it to expand their reach. Becky is joined by Jody Sperling–Author and Host of The Reluctant Book Marketer Podcast–who shares his best advice for identifying your target audience, engaging with other fiction authors in your genre, growing a following, and building collaborative relationships with those followers.  During the episode, Jody shares: About himself and his work in the world.What’s different for a fiction writer when it comes to marketing their work.Similarities between fiction writing and real estate investing.How authors can apply lessons from real estate investing when trying to identify and solidify their niche.His strategy for finding people who are writing in the same genre.How questions can be a powerful way to build collaborative relationships with other authors and their audiences.The questions that he asks authors that compel them to form a deeper relationship with him.How much time he spends on Twitter trying to find authors to collaborate with and identifying audiences for his work.What a fiction author can do to identify and articulate the people who are in their niche.Guidance for anyone who doesn’t know what their genre is.Why he doesn’t use hashtags to find people in this niche.His advice for utilizing TikTok to identify new audiences and authors, and how much time he invests in TikTok.Final thoughts about the idea of collaborating with other authors to identify more readers in your niche.Some other ways he is targeting his efforts to attract the right authors and audiences.  For our show notes, including action steps and resources, visit: Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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