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The Book Publishing Industry

This first episode of Season 4 is about the book publishing industry. Becky is joined by Jane Friedman—author and expert on all things publishing—who discusses some of the best and most surprising moments from the publishing industry in 2022, the biggest trends, the challenges that authors have been facing, the influence of Amazon, and what’s in store for the publishing industry in 2023.  During the episode, Jane shares:   About herself and her work in the world.Some of the highlights from the publishing industry in 2022.How nonfiction authors show up on BookTok.How TikTok and BookTok help authors who may be selling a lower volume of books expand awareness and reach for their work. Some of the surprises of the publishing industry in 2022 and if they had a positive or negative impact on authors.If audiences should expect a lower price point on AI-driven audiobooks.Some of the most significant challenges authors have faced in recent years.Her advice for authors choosing between self-publishing, hybrid publishing, and traditional publishing. What has been inspiring authors to engage more and market their work.Her take on a controversial book marketing approach.Advice about getting Amazon reviews.  For our show notes, including action steps and resources, visit: Click here to download our new, free resource, Spend This First, AND explore our Ebooks about publishing: Publishing Choices and Publishing & Marketing Timelines. Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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