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Demystifying Amazon

This episode is about demystifying Amazon for authors. Becky is joined by Alexa Bigwarfe—USA Today Bestselling Author and the Founder/CEO of Write|Publish|Sell—who shares her vast knowledge of Amazon, why it’s an important platform for selling books, and how authors can navigate all of its complex features.  During the episode, Alexa shares:   A little bit about herself and her work in the world.Her author journey and her books, Sunshine After the Storm and Lose the Cape.How many books she has written over the last decade.Why it’s important for authors to use Amazon.Whether or not achieving number one in your category on Amazon is worth chasing.The benefits of promotional opportunities available through Amazon and how authors should use them. The number of Amazon reviews authors should aim for and how to get more of them.Why someone closely associated with an author can’t leave an Amazon review for their work.If it’s advantageous to self-publish exclusively through Amazon, or if it’s more worthwhile to expand the distribution of a book.Some of the challenges authors are facing with Amazon and how to overcome them.  For our show notes, including action steps and resources, visit:  Click here to download our new, free resource, Spend This First, and check out some of our blog posts about navigating Amazon: “If You Want to Play Amazon’s Games, You Need to Know the Rules,” “Learning the Importance of Amazon Reviews: A Look at Bestsellers,” and “Bestseller Status is (Not Only) About Ego.”  Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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