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The Book Launch Process: Katherine Golub Interviews Becky Robinson

This episode is part of a mini-series where Katherine Golub–Career, Leadership, and Executive Coach for Nonprofit Leaders and People Committed to Social Justice–interviews Becky about the book launch process. Katherine, who is working on her first book, asks Becky all of her most pressing questions about the time, effort, resources, and connections needed to successfully launch a book and reach the biggest possible audience. During the episode, Becky and Katherine share: About themselves and how they met.Some of the necessary steps that can be taken in order to cultivate an effective launch team.How an author can find small, but impactful ways to create new content related to their book.  How an author can cultivate and maintain relationships with people on their launch team.Who an author should reach out to for book endorsements and how many endorsements are needed.About the “working phase” of the book launch process. Advice for how an author can create exclusive offers, events, or connections to something they care about that their launch team can engage with. Tips for keeping connections engaged in a book launch and making it meaningful for each individual.Thoughts about launch events and how to connect with people virtually. For our show notes, including action steps and resources, visit:  Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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