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Exploring Book Trailers

This episode of the Book Marketing Action Podcast focuses on the process of creating a book trailer and how important they are to the book-marketing journey. Becky shares insights from her recent adventure—creating two types of trailers for her own book, Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause. During the episode, Becky also shares: Information about herself and the topic of the episode: “Exploring Book Trailers for Authors.”Tips for how to create a DIY book trailer, what goes into filming a professionally-produced trailer, how important wardrobe and other small details are for the final product, and the amount of time and money that must be invested for each trailer. Action steps to help listeners through the book-trailer journey.  For our show notes, including action steps and resources, visit:  Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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