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Marketing Your Book With Love

This episode of the Book Marketing Action Podcast focuses on how authors can market and sell their books with love. Jason Marc Campbell – Podcast Host and Author of Selling With Love – shares the five approaches to selling with love and explains how important it is for authors to really believe in the value that’s contained within their book, in addition to thinking about how it will impact the lives of readers. He emphasizes that the process of selling is not about manipulation, it’s about empathy. During the episode, Jason also shares: About himself and his work in the world.How he is infusing his own book marketing with the idea of selling with love.Some of the strategies from Selling With Love that he is using to promote book sales.The five approaches to selling with love that he writes about in his book.How he is dealing with the vulnerability that comes with launching his book.The first, and most important, strategy of selling with love: loving the impact. For our show notes, including action steps, and resources, visit: Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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