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Becoming an Evergreen Author

Today's episode focuses on why authors must stop trying to do everything when it comes to book marketing. According to Roseanne Cheng, it is far more productive to find one or two things that bring them joy, and to capitalize on those things. This intentionality is what sells books and sustains an author’s success over time, making them “evergreen.” During this episode, Roseanne shares: Her own journey as an author and what inspired her to teach other authors about how to get their books out into the world.How she met the co-founder of Evergreen Authors, Josie Robinson, and what led them to create their online book marketing school.The process of writing her book, The Evergreen Author, and how it expanded the reach of Evergreen Authors. What the term “evergreen author” really means.The struggles and barriers that authors face when it comes to finding joy in book marketing, and what it is that drains authors of their joy.The importance of finding one or two things that you enjoy as an author and doing those things well in order to create a sustainable, evergreen career. What the 80/20 rule is and how it applies to book marketing. Her advice for independent authors, and why Amazon ads are a crucial part of the book marketing journey. For our show notes, including action steps, and resources, visit:  Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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