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Ep 180 - How To Strenghten Your Pelvic Floor

In this episode of The Life Transformer Show, Tara has two guests, Emma and Dr Sandar! Emma and Tara talk about the Tesla Seat, the benefits and how it can help stress incontinence.Together they discuss the improvements in their pelvic floors and the impact their clients have also had. Tara draws on her own experiences and how it feels amazing to not feel embarrassed about her pelvic floor. Dr Sandar refers to medical interventions to improve pelvic floor and when it might be necessary. What You Will Learn In This Episode: How to make an investment in your pelvic floor to feel like you used to!  Ways to strengthen your pelvic floor and not feel embarrassed. What is the Tesla Seat? Why is your pelvic floor weaker. What is stress incontinence?   How To Contact Tara Hammett: Facebook   To get in touch with Dr Sandar click the links below:   Instagram:     To get in touch with Emma and the team at 1192 click the link below:   Instagram:

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