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Ep 217 - Holidays, Weight Loss and why you must start anyway

In this episode of The Life Transformer Show, Tara talks about holidays and how they should not get in the way of starting a plan and being successful. She stresses how there is no need to put your progress on hold because of celebrations. Tara discusses how creating good habits can even make holidays even better! She refers to “making the most” of your holiday and how it does not always need to be what you eat that is the highlight of it. Tara talks about exercising on holiday and how you should not feel guilty if you don’t workout and how to get back to good habits when arriving home.    What You Will Learn In This Episode: Why you should start putting yourself first.  How to make the most of your holidays.  What are your home behaviours? Reflecting on having a good time and getting back to your habits when home.    How To Contact Tara Hammett: Facebook  

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