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Ep 215 - Peri_Menopause, New HRT, Testosterone and CBT

In this episode of The Life Transformer Show, Tara and Dr Sandar answer your questions. They talk about pros and cons of taking testosterone and how long it takes for the patches to start working. Dr Sandar explains what hot flushes are and how they can impact you. She refers to a new treatment that can help block the physical symptoms of a flush. She asks you to consider ways to reframe your thinking towards sleep and offers suggestions to help you relax.   What You Will Learn In This Episode: How would testosterone affect the body? How the menopause could be causing your aches and pains.  Hot flushes and how to help block these.  Sleep problems that can arise and how to help reframe your mindset.   How To Contact Tara Hammett: Facebook  

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