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Episode 19: Shifting Nice Guy Conditioning, with Mark Silverman

Mark Silverman seemed to have it all – the career, the family, the car, the home. He was the squeaky-clean guy who everybody loved. The reality was different… Mark’s chronic people-pleasing and nice-guy-ness were learned behaviours that allowed him to stuff down trauma and fear of confrontation. Eventually, he couldn’t uphold his golden boy status, and his perfect life imploded. How did Mark come out the other side of sex addiction, shame and suicidal thoughts? How did he reconcile the complexity of himself? Join us and find out.   You’ll learn: How “nice guys” can set boundaries Mark’s one big shift that changed everything The daily practice he calls “my cheapest therapist” Shifting rules in a romantic relationship, where you’ve been the nice guy   Press play. Let’s dive in.   Mark’s website: https://www.markjsilverman.com Mark on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark22102/ Mark’s podcast episodes featuring me: https://masteringmidlife.libsyn.com/size/5/?search=lehto  

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