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Episode 54: Who am I without my impressive job? With Alina Addison & Lily Gil

What happens to your sense of self when you leave an important job at an iconic brand? It can feel like a loss of identity when the corporate perks and the business card are gone. There can be grief, relief, and a cocktail of other emotions. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from three women who left big jobs at Nike, Rothschild, and IBM. You’ll hear their unfiltered truths about the discombobulation they faced, and what the mess of figuring out next steps felt like. You’ll also learn some techniques to try if you’re on this journey of separating your sense of self from what you do.     LINKS: Dr Neil Talkoff’s quote in the HBR. See also for Difficult Conversations book. Megan Carle’s book. Find Alina Addison. Sahil Bloom’s deathbed regrets exercise. Mandy Lehto’s website. Mandy Lehto on IG. Mandy Lehto on LinkedIn.

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