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Episode 44: Healing from Hurtful Words that Stick, with Sara Milne Rowe

If you’ve ever been told something unkind, and it still replays in your head years later, this episode is for you.    Maybe you internalized someone’s rude comment about your nose being too big, and ever since that, it’s something you secretly fixate on.   Or maybe someone did something to you, and you’ve carried that painful experience because you didn’t know how to stand up for yourself.    So, you’re holding the shame around it, not knowing why – or how to dislodge it. You might be wondering, how did this become MY problem to hold?   This conversation explores why those hurtful words and experiences stick, particularly if you’ve grown up not feeling good enough. My favourite part is what we can do to heal and release those hurts.   I’m in conversation with Sara Milne Rowe, author, podcaster and performance coach.    We get real about the verbal sticks and stones that’ve been hurled at us — and how we’re finally choosing to release them.    Gritty, honest, and freeing. Join us.         Sara’s website: https://www.coachingimpact.co.uk/who-we-are   Sara’s podcast: https://www.coachingimpact.co.uk/better-under-pressure   Dr Caroline Leaf on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CjVLSbULpnb/

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