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Episode 56: How to Need Less External Validation,  with Tracy Yates & Shelley Paxton

Maybe you’re purchasing status markers, like red-bottomed shoes or the latest gadgets to signal your success (and hey, no judgement! I do it too!) Maybe the title and the pay reaffirm your identity. You tell yourself that “one day” you’ll arrive at a certain paygrade or career milestone, and THEN you won’t need the validation anymore. THEN success will feel different. Less empty and fleeting. Uh huh.   I’m in conversation with Shelley Paxton, ex-Chief Marketing Officer of Harley Davidson, and Tracy Yates, ex-CEO of an 8-figure marketing agency, serving brands like Google and Amazon. They were success-FULL but felt hollow inside. What does it look like to start redefining success, decades into an established career? And how do you start weaning yourself off of external validation?   You’ll learn how both women did the inner work and loosened the grip of external validation. The best part? You can start playing with their ideas right away, without leaving your job.  Links: Shelley Paxton’s book, Soulbbatical. Shelley’s TEDx talk. Shelley’s website. Shelley on Instagram. Tracy Yates’ website. Tracy Yates on Instagram. Brené Brown’s VALUES sheet. Arthur Brooks’ article on satisfaction. Arthur Brooks’ article on choosing specialness over happiness. Mandy Lehto’s website. Mandy on Instagram.

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