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Episode 59: I Don’t Want to Die for Work, with Dr David Yudis

“I just need to get through this project, and then I’ll slow down.” Who knows that lie?    You can love your job AND still be exhausted by it. Today I’m talking about the exhaustion during those ultra-intense periods when we push down the red flags from our body.    My guest is former Disney executive, Dr David Yudis. Disney is the happiest place on earth. It’s a place with no limits – as he discovered.    In his early 40s, David was living the dream in that buzzy, chronically exhausted state. “I just need to get through till the holidays…and THEN, I’ll recover.” David’s body had other plans.   In this episode you’ll learn about the hot little motor burning underneath David’s relentless drive (I did not see that one coming!)   You’ll get three takeaways from David’s experience that you can apply to your own life right away. Join us.       Links:   Book: On Self-Hatred (School of Life)   David Yudis’ website   Mandy Lehto’s website  

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