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Episode 48: I’m an Overachiever Who’s Hanging by a Thread, with Paden Hughes

You dream of reconnecting with the things you once loved. Erm, what were those things again? For years, it’s been all about work, and managing an array of things and other people. You’ve all but disappeared. You’re busy and getting busier. Something’s got to give, and you’re afraid it might be you.   That’s what happened to today’s guest, Paden Hughes. She was a CEO navigating the pandemic, with two small kids in tow. She shares how she went from face planting of exhaustion and burnout on her kitchen floor, to creating a life that’s no longer built on the hustle and grind.    Prepare to have your thinking challenged around creating spaciousness, no matter how busy and important you are. No fairy tale godmothers were involved.    Join us!   Paden Hughes’ website. Paden on Instagram. Mandy Lehto on Instagram. Mandy Lehto on LinkedIn. Dr Mark Goulston’s episode. Charlotte Fowles’ episode.

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