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Episode 49: Christmas Cracker Edition, with Darrah Brustein

Today’s guest is Darrah Brustein, a coach and business strategist who has interviewed the likes of Seth Godin, Bobbi Brown, Adam Grant, Jen Sincero, and Shaquille O’Neal. She’s also one of my coaches!   We do the conversational equivalent of the Christmas Cracker, a festive custom in Britain, dating back to Victorian times. A modern-day cracker usually contains a ridiculous paper hat, a corny joke, and something useful, like a key ring, or dice.    Darrah and I share our wisdom of 2022 – a learning with “bang,” something useful we’ve onboarded or purchased, a discussion (paper hats on, of course) of how to take ourselves less seriously, and our best Christmas jokes for you to inflict on your own holiday gathering. Delight your teens!   The cracker theme is a fun wrapper for a deep, yet light, conversation to help you reflect on your year. Take a nourishing break from the merry-making to join us for this final episode of Enough, the podcast, for 2022.         Darrah’s website. Darrah on Instagram. Arthur Brooks’ website. Goodbye 2022 Hello 2023 Guided Journal. Mandy on Instagram.

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