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Episode 50: Is Middle-Age Messing with your Enoughness?

To celebrate my 50th episode, we’re having a quick but deep-n-real conversation about how some of the changes in middle life might be stirring up feelings of not-enoughness. If your self-identity is based on your appearance, your heroic work ethic, and success after dazzling success at the office, what happens when those pillars start shifting? I share why Jennifer Lopez inspired this episode, and why perfectionists and success addicts can have a particularly challenging time in mid-life. We end on a high note, when I reveal what truly makes a life well-lived. It’s not status, promotions, or money…Join us to find out more.     Mark Hyman’s podcast with Robert Waldinger. Jennifer Lopez article in Vogue. Arthur Brooks’ website. Sarah Normandin’s episode, (she’s the Imperfection Specialist).

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