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Episode 55: I’m burnt out, but I keep pushing, with Tatiana Poliakova & Antonia Kirkby

When you’ve spent years in survival mode at work, your body starts perceiving this as normal. A recent article in Forbes mentions a new profile of burnt-out employees, the ‘engaged-exhausted.’ They continue to function at the highest levels, but inside they’re highly stress and have mixed feelings about their careers. Why do some people continue to push themselves to breaking point? I’m in conversation with Tatiana Poliakova, ex-Managing Director at Nomura, an investment bank. Tatiana was addicted to success and adrenalin, but her body started sending up flares. You’ll also meet Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Dr Antonia Kirkby, who explains why someone who is highly identified with the status and the buzz of the job, can lose touch with red flags from their bodies. Join us. Your nervous system will thank you.   Links: Tatiana Poliakova’s website. Forbes article on the “engaged-exhausted.” Dr Antonia Kirkby on Instagram. Jessica Maguire on Instagram. Mandy Lehto on Instagram.

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