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Episode 47: High Functioning Anxiety, with Charlotte Fowles

You’re an overachiever. Maybe you’re often referred to as a badass. Everyone’s in awe of how much you get done, and how in control of life you seem to be – and admittedly, that admiration feels good. In fact, you live for it. What almost nobody knows is that you’re fizzling with anxiety, up at night ruminating on things, quick to anger, and you struggle to relax. We’re discussing High Functioning Anxiety (HFA). It’s not an officially recognized diagnosis, because the person continues to function – quite well, in fact. That doesn’t mean the struggles with anxious thoughts and feelings aren’t real, or even debilitating. My guest is adventurer and coach, Charlotte Fowles, who is no stranger to overachieving and busy-ness addiction. Charlotte experienced a decade of trauma, including divorce, depression and cancer, which meant she had to change her overachieving ways. She now helps executives and leaders to manage their own inner challenges, including HFA. Sidebar: We also debunk the concept of badassery as looking like you’ve got everything together. So fun! Join us for this thought-provoking and radically practical conversation.   Daisy Goodwin’s article on HFA in the Times. Ellen Hendriksen’s book: How to be yourself. Brené Brown’s Atlas of the Heart. Charlotte Fowles’ website. Charlotte Fowles on IG. Mark Silverman’s episode. Mandy Lehto on IG.

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