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Episode 52: How I stopped hiding, with Shermain Melton

Black. Gay. Christian. Shermain Melton spent much of his life hiding his sexual orientation and not feeling good enough. In this powerful 26-minute episode, you’ll learn how Shermain spent years trying to push down his truth so that he’d fit in. One day he returned home to find his room upside down, bed flipped, drawers turned out, and he knew his truth was out. Shermain faced his biggest fear (tune in to hear how it went!) Learn how he took the powerful lessons of owning who he was, including his fears and vulnerabilities, and how he leads from this messy, imperfect place. Moving and highly practical. Join us.   Links: Article referring to University of Southern Illinois research. Shermain Melton’s website. Mandy Lehto on Instagram.

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