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Episode 37: How to be more playful (as a perfectionist), with Em Stroud and Jason Goldberg

It’s hard to be playful when you feel the need to get things right. And yet, deep down, you’d love to lighten up. But it’s not that simple, is it? What if you try telling a joke, or striking up a social conversation, and it pancakes? The fear of looking stupid is kryptonite to levity. Fear not! I’ve called in the magical unicorns of playfulness (AND they’re both highly accomplished in serious things as well – go figure!)  Meet Em Stroud, professional clown, coach, MC, TedX speaker, host of the top-rated podcast, Clowning Around, and author of Lessons from a Clown. She’s also the founder of the Laugh, Think, Play movement. Guest number two is Jason Goldberg, performance and leadership coach for celebrities, change-makers and CEOs. He’s the best-selling author of Prison Break: Vanquish the Victim, own your obstacles, and lead your life, and the host of the Jason Goldberg is Ruining Podcasting Podcast. Oh, and he’s shared his ha-ha’s and AHA’s on major international stages, including Mindvalley. Em and Jason share their refreshing perspectives on how you can lighten up a little. Practical, deep, and deliciously light-hearted. Join us.   Em Stroud’s website: https://emmastroud.london Clowning Around podcast: https://emmastroud.london/clowning-around-podcast/ Jason Goldberg’s website: https://thejasongoldberg.com Jason Goldberg is ruining podcasting: https://thejasongoldberg.com/thepodcast/

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