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Episode 57: Listen to this if you’re a perfectionist, with Katherine Morgan Schafler

Have we got perfectionism all wrong? Is it something that we need to eradicate? Today’s guest is Katherine Morgan Schafler, psychotherapist, and former on-site therapist at Google. In her new book, The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control, Katherine says we don’t need to “recover” from perfectionism to be happy and successful. We need to learn how to be with it in a way that empowers us. You’ll learn to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy perfectionism (and how to course correct, when it’s the latter). You’ll also learn about the five types of perfectionists, and which one you might be. This is part one of my two-part conversation with Katherine.     LINKS Types of Perfectionist Quiz BBC article Katherine Morgan Schafler’s website Katherine on Instagram Mandy on Instagram Sarah Norrad episode Mandy Lehto’s website

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