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Celebrating Black History Month: A Conversation with Fimo Mitchell

It is black history month and the way I have decided to celebrate this year is by getting comfortable with uncomfortable conversations because I believe that through these uncomfortable conversations and our ability to truly listen, we are able to understand each other's perspectives and take steps towards healing. Today, I sat down yet again with an old friend, Fimo Mitchell. Fimo is a writer, a world traveler and a meditation guide. He's the founder of When The Village Meditates, a nonprofit dedicated to providing free meditation programs to members of racialized and marginalized communities. He founded this nonprofit with the hope of offering a safe and inclusive space where individuals may embark or continue along their journey inward. Fimo came across the contemplative practice of meditation during his first trip to India in 2009 and since then, he has spent thousands of hours in meditation and has completed two mindfulness courses along with a ten-day silent retreat to fortify his practice. These types of conversations require a certain level of understanding and compassion And his commitment to building an empathetic and compassionate community make him the ideal guest to have for these uncomfortable conversations. For more ways to live a more intentional life, visit and explore the different ressources I have for you. Get to know Fimo even more! Check out the original conversation HERE! Connect with me @ Join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook Many thanks and many blessings

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