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Episode 89 ~ 3 Ways To Solve Your Own Problems And Get Rid Of The Victim Mentality

Episode 89 ~ 3 ways to solve your own problems and get rid of the victim mentality Let’s bring back the conversation we had about Victim Mentality ( episode 71 - You won’t always like me and that’s ok).  I believe that we all have an indescribable power within us. Let's explore some of the ways you can bring that power out by removing your victim mentality. I am dedicated to helping people change their narrative in order to change their life and as you may know, my mission is to be a part of the biggest rise in human transformation and consciousness our world has ever seen and I want you to be part of it too.  Connect with me @ Join the conversation on Instagram  @tanya_monuma, @zennya_coaching and Facebook Continue living with compassion and mindfulness.

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