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5 practical ways to reduce your anxiety

Episode 90 ~ 5 practical ways to reduce your anxiety Let's talk about our anxiety and see if we can develop a couple of new habits to ease it. According to Psychology Today,  Anxiety is both a mental and physical state of negative expectation—mentally characterized by increased arousal and negative expectancy tortured into worry, and physically by activation of multiple body systems—all to facilitate coping with an unknown or adverse situation. A publication published in the Journal of American Medicine Association  Shows a large research review of nearly 19, 000 studies that concluded that mindfulness-based stress reduction programs can ease symptoms of anxiety, depression and pain. I am dedicated to helping people change their narrative in order to change their life and as you may know, my mission is to be a part of the biggest rise in human transformation and consciousness our world has ever seen and I want you to be part of it too.  Connect with me @ Join the conversation on Instagram  @tanya_monuma, @zennya_coaching and Facebook Continue living with compassion and mindfulness. Now,  let's explore some of the ways you can take control over your anxiety.

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