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Episode 20: Integrating All of Ourselves with Allison Crow

How do you “do” enoughness? What are the steps to come back to wholeness? Is it as simple as chanting a mantra on repeat? I am enough I am enough I am enough How’s that working for you? Yeah, me neither. If you know me at all, you know I like practical. This episode is for the do-ers. Allison Crow is our guest. She’s a brilliant transformational coach, but I didn’t invite her on as an expert today. I’m curious about the practices that other thought-leaders do for themselves.  What modalities are they using?  What are their rituals?  And what can we learn from them? Allison is IN the messy work of being in relation with all the parts of herself — especially the ones that nobody claps for. She shares her experience of Internal Family Systems, a modality she’s currently immersed in. Important note: She’s not teaching or talking as a practitioner, but as a woman on her own journey. I wanted you to experience the realness of someone in the work, and what that might bring up for you, as you listen. Hit play. See you on the other side. Show time, 18 min.   Allison on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allison_crow/ Website: https://allisoncrow.com

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