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Episode 17: The Good Enough Mother, with Dr. Sophie Brock

I’m not a good enough mother. Ever said this to yourself? Hang on a minute. Good enough according to whom? Your friends? Your own mother? Someone you follow on social media? Good Housekeeping magazine? In this episode, I want to bust some of the supermom beliefs that you might be depleting and flagellating yourself with. Spoiler alert: The standards you’re holding yourself to are ridiculously high – and they’re probably not even YOUR standards. Ready to blow up some exhausting, outdated beliefs? *Mandy rubs palms and smiles mischievously* Cue Dr Sophie Brock, Motherhood Studies Sociologist, who explains – in a very accessible way – where these beliefs, “shoulds” and expectations around motherhood come from, and what you can do to free yourself. If you’re ready to say ENOUGH to doubting your parenting, comparing yourself to other mothers, and to quit the insidious Guilt-Resentment-Explosion cycle, press play. We’ve got you. Show time 34 min.   Sophie’s website: https://drsophiebrock.com Sophie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drsophiebrock/

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