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Seeds of Abundance: A Guided Meditation

So we are into our season of Seeds of abundance and the month of May is all about gaining a healthy money mindset that will create abundance for you. On today’s episode I will simply guide you through a meditation in order to end our month of may in calm and reflection. In guided VISUALIZATION meditations, you engage the faculties of your imagination to help you relax and develop your awareness. By visualizing what you want to create, it will become easier for you to realize your personal goals and intentions. Visualization is often most effective when the mind is totally calm and the body is relaxed. Use this type of creative meditation for specific purposes and intentions, such as achieving health, serenity or accomplishment. This guided visualization meditation will allow you to feel grounded, centered and secure. Month of May episodes: Special Mother’s day edition: Tyler & Omni’s conversation with author of My Money Bunnies, Mike Michalowicz Seeds of Abundance: Mindfully creating  financial abundance at a young age with Global Face and Community Champion of FUNancial Freedom, Shivanii Ray Seeds of Abundance: Mindfully Awakening Your Wealth With Author & Financial Planner, Julie Murphy Get your Free FUNancial ebook and 1$ trial or check out this link  to get started right away! Connect with me @ Join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook Visit #TATS group program overview and connect with me! Can’t wait to see you! Blessings

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