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Systematic Ambivalence

Facebook generation wants boundaries; doom scrolling & devices are messing with us; AI boom running out of chips; AI is both an object of ridicule & presents risk of extinction - just like eggs; moral outsourcing in big tech; Kurzweil still truckin' along; Tesla leak reveals thousands of Autopilot safety complaints; that ChatGPT lawyer; Succession, Barry, Ted Lasso & Mrs. Maisel end; Good Omens is coming; Will Trent; future of baseball on TV; Dear Mama; a few good podcasts; Bluesky algorithm chooser; Twitter worth even less; Amazon seems to be ditching Alexa; DOSBox; Apple goes ARRRRR; Roadkill; AI, art & Edward Hopper; new camera with no lens; Moral Crumple Zones; Dave hits the boards!

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