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The Way of the Grift

Hello, summer; disinformation professor falsifies own data; AI is eating itself, recursion & model collapse looming; scammers, liars, grifters prosper; mandated return to office not working out great; Amazon's robot revolution; Congress limits AI usage; Vatican releases AI Ethics Handbook; Google violates its ad deal standards; Youtube disabling videos for ad-blocker use; Zoox!; IRL lied their asses off about users, still got $170 million from SoftBank; Aspartame & warm Mountain Dew; Star Trek; Silo; Reality; Fubar; the Machine; Apple News UI needs help; later, Stitcher; Google cancels Iris; mustaches and learning about being a woman; ElevenLabs Voice Library & the end of voice over actors; cosplaying mommy & arrested development; 4th of July Movie Marathon.

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