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The Ewok Line

Google AI search is a mess; robocall fines; no one wants a used Tesla; Neumann gives up on WeWork; OpenAI, Twitch give up pretending they have Safety Advisory boards; Vimeo says no to AI; xAI raises 6 billion; massive Ticketmaster hack; Star Trek Discovery ends; Moana 2; Stax: Soulsville USA; Ken Burns the Civil War; Wu-Tang Clan album; the Night Manager; Sony Pictures to focus on AI; Showrunner app; ICQ shuts down; Instagram "limit" & "restrict"; SEO is dead; UniSuper cloud gets nuked; Amazon AI-powered Fire TV search; no one really understands clouds; the Ewok Line; we are all nostalgic for our youth; RIP Richard Sherman; Bats Day at the Park.

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