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Thanks, Gary!

Kagi not worth it; RIP Passcodes; Sora demo not exactly Sora; FCC fines carries for selling location data; TikTok ban signed; Meta's ad-buying AI blows through budgets; fighting the algorithm; OpenAI privacy complaints; Amazon ad revenue big leap, wonder why; blockchain's real use case; ludicrously hard-core at Tesla; Lord of the Rings returns to theaters; Dune Part 2; The Bad Batch series finale; Fallout; UMG artists return to TikTok; Walmart selling IRL items to kids in Roblox; Snapchat will let you edit chats, if you pay; Bluesky ads GIFs; short sci-fi fiction with Amazon; Essentialism; AI wrappers; Gary's valuable GOG contributions; vision issues; stay on target, stay on target!

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