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A Man on the Nude

FTC restores net neutrality, ends non-competes; TikTok divest-or-ban bill passes; more bad news at Tesla; X TV; Amazon ends California drone deliveries; AI in law enforcement is just a bad idea; META's oversight board remains useless; Instagram blurring nudity rather than just banning it; post and boast law; Voyager 1 is back; Worldcoin Orb shortage; bird flu not looking great; Franklin; Disney+ looking to FAST; dystopian future of AI TV; YouTube ghost gun videos; saying no to Spotify; White Trash Wins Lotto; Lollapalooza doc; 24 in 24; Parish; Civil War; USB enter key; Rabbit R1; the ongoing appeal of the Muppets; gaming the lottery; BrickIt app; old man vision.

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