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Lords and Peasants

Unsubscribe season; Unwrapped & unpaid; Q-bot; META's all for the kids; stealing page views with AI; the coming change in the web; Boring; Ronaldo NFT lawsuit; pink slip season appetizers; DevTernity female cos-play; death at Amazon; Moscow's criminal wanted list adds Andy Stone; locked out of Google; as the TwiX turns; Mr. Free Speech; The Crown; Welcome to Wrexham; Doctor Who; Squid Game Challenge; Milli Vanilli; AI video goes Giffy; no-BS games; Jason beats Auphonic; IKEA's smart home devices; Google drive files goes missing; DeepMind finds the Dark Crystal; finishing up The Last Emperox; Galaxy Outlaws; Fooled; Comixology; 404 Media; sleep data; AT&T Hemisphere; public transit & privacy; gadget catalogs; shaving & supple, elastic skin.

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