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Verified Terrorists

Layoffs at Paramount, Instacart & Mozilla; Musk must testify in SEC investigation of Twitter takeover; Tesla driver not sure if he killed pedestrians because he was on autopilot; crowd burns Waymo car; 23andMe selling DNA data; Amazon Prime Video pulls Dolby Vision, Atmos on ad-supported plan; shut down by Taliban; X blue checks sold to literal terrorists; Past Lives; We Are the World; Jacqueline Novak; Somebody Feed Feel; Star Trek Disco; Downtown Abbey; AMC fined for 1988 law; Apple Cash to offer virtual cards; AI news round up; don't get an AI girlfriend; thought crimes; Sora & floating feet; Infinity Gate by M.R. Carey; the Bad Batch; cybercriminals stealing iOS users' face scans... are they, though?

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