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Dave’s Lumber Yard

AI's unintended consequences; chat bots; pink slips in podcasting, Playstation, Electronic Arts & Fisker; Tesla racism class action lawsuit; Apple pivots away from an electric car; TikTok's tussle with Universal Music continues, but UMG is just fine; call me on X; Bitcoin up, crashes Coinbase; OpenAI probe; Gemini woke prompt re-writing; Facebook News tab going away; Glasgow's sad Ooompa Loompa; where's the surge priced beef; Constellation; Neuromancer; The Crow Flies Again; Naked Gun; Ray Donovan; Next Goal Wins; Dune; transparent laptops & super DVDs; SetApp; Farscape; Losing Mars; Strong Songs; Beverly Hills drones; tripping the iPhone light fantastic; Dance your PhD.

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