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Let's game the system; Rivian layoffs; Air Canada's chatbot lied; Twitter didn't violate data security because they ignored Musk orders; Science Corner: smartwatches & rings don't measure blood sugar, AMOC collapsing, Taylor Swift's planes could use new paint, red light improves eyesight; we're back on the moon; ChatGPT goes temporarily insane; Pentagon testing LLMs; the Bad Batch; Last Week Tonight on YouTube to be delayed; Amazon shutting down Freevee wait no they aren't; FuboTV accuses Disney, Fox, WBD of antitrust; TikTok grows up; BIGO; Office Space; No Values festival; browser market share; watching ads on TV through built in TV ads; Ultra 2 watch tips; Apple iMessage Level 3; Lockbit cybercrime group takedown; Pixel Envy; a deep dive into Wampas.

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