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Zamboni Sunsets

We're back; class-action lawsuits; Hertz ditching TVs; SEC approves Bitcoin ETFs but does not endorse Bitcoin; ChatGPT store, auto implementations; a pink-slip tsunami: Unity, NASA, Duolingo, Amazon, Audible, Twitch, Pixar, Humane, Google, oh my; Happiest Season; Family Switch; Barbie; Trevor Noah; Dave Chappelle; the Killer; Mission Impossible; food documentaries; the Traitors; Reacher; Monarch: Legacy of Monsters; upcoming shows; Audacity files for bankruptcy; Tom Lehrer; Squaresapce; SetApp; iPhone 15 Plus; Fantasy Hike; Instagram post-holiday ads; Apple Vision Pro; MouthPad; shaving & Apple Watch Ultra updates; hacked Nutrunners; public transport; Canadian right to privacy, even for thieves.

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