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Stuck in Porn Mode

Google search results really are getting worse; Artifact shutting down; more Google layoffs, even more coming; Uber shuts down Drizzly; Sandberg leans out of Meta; Zack's general intelligence; OpenAI a-ok with military & warfare; drone attack prep; Bluey; the Brothers Sun; Bear; She-Hulk; Fargo; Weird: the Al Yankovic Story; Carlin AI special; Rick Rubin; What Next: TBD; BBEdit; Vienna RSS; Permute; Apple overtakes Samsung; AI binoculars; self-checkout nightmare; Wordpress; Greg Bear; Dr. Karan Rajan; Martha Wells Murderbot; Dune & David Lynch; Star Wars; Disneyland; Star Wars Land; HoloTile; Incognito mode only hides things from yourself; Apple Vision Pro; defending Apple.

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