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Seal Team Aibo

AI using a ton of water; individual efforts just a drop in the bucket; X suing California over disclosure law; TikTok accidentally blocked strike videos, hit with fine over privacy settings for children; oral decongestant on sale for 50 years just doesn't work; Mila & Ashton's bad week, Stoner Cats; Lyft Women+ Connect; Bluesky hits a million Scalzis; manifesting yourself broke; government web design systems; no AI Grammys; Spotify payola; Milli Vanilla; Interview with the Vampire; PodCast One; WhatsApp; Unity; Aibo Foster program; Apple leaking radiation in France; the Witcher; Elon Musk; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Levar Burton; lost Star Wars props; laserdiscs & Blue-Rays; the house lost in Vegas this week; programming language inventor or serial killer?

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