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Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister with Dave Bittner



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The band's getting bigger; Microsoft closes Activision deal; sobriety & London boozers; misinformation everywhere, but X in particular; SBF/FTX trial recap; 23andMe data for sale after being scraped; Amazon launches Project Kuiper satellites; coin flips aren't 50/50; Weird Al is a national treasure; Gen V; Loki; 3 seashells; british TV; the Flash; Indiana Jones; Blackberry; Danny Elfman, Tim Burton & the Royal Albert Hall; the Night Agent; For All Mankind; Unity CEO steps down; generative AI in the search bar; John Scalzi; Terry Pratchett; Radio Shack; Apple Watch tips; Star Wars BD droids in the wild; Ahsoka; speed up radio; Peter Gunn; chemtrails in Bismark.

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