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Cat, I Farted

Stick around until the end for a BONUS episode of Boot Up with Jason! If you want to subscribe to the show (yes, you want to), go to! Unfortunate translations; a tech bro reckoning; Nvidia makes bank, carbon emissions; NFT & crypto collapses; jail vegan diets; if you're gonna launder, launder big; food delivery is tanking; the Feds tried to get what the Chinese do with TikTok; Gizmodo's killer headlines; Code Llama, rusted; The Peripheral canceled, Frasier returns; Dune 2 delayed; the Matildas; last chance for Devo, OMD; Youtube's AI plan; Threads on the web; Photoshop's generative refill on old photos; Wipeout code; frivolous & not so frivolous lawsuits; Ahsoka; Wirecutter; dystopian fiction; Radio Shack would like your address, again.

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