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Same Day Pink Slip

California Forever, EPCOT & Story Living; Cruise threatened by regulators; pink slips flying at Spotify, Tidal, Washington Post, New Yorker & more; Weird Al's Spotify Wrapped message; podcast industry problems; Mint, Google Podcasts shutting down; anti-woke AI Grok is here, what could possibly go wrong; Google launches Gemini, fakes demo; Amazon sued over "guaranteed delivery"; Star Trek: Discovery back for final season; Foundation season 3; Disney+ Hulu integration begins; Titans; Robbie Williams; Q Magazine; Playstation removes shows people paid for; holiday playlists; Clash Royale, end of an era; MacWhisper transcription; 23andMe hack much larger than originally reported; AI is spackle; COX Media is listening; shave & a haircut, two bits.

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