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33 crew members went DEEP SEA squid hunting, turned MAD, and started hunting EACH OTHER.

Deep Sea Liner 2682 was coming back to port early. Nobody knew why - just that something very bad had happened at sea. The original plan was a group of 33 people would embark on a 2 year long deep sea fishing mission. But now they were coming back after just 8 months. What happened? When the giant vessel docked - concerned family, corporate employees of the fishing company, and even 11 police cars were lined up waiting for them. Police went on board escorting each one of the passengers off in handcuffs. Forensic teams in full hazmat suits rushed onto the boat and sprayed it down with Luminol. The whole boat was glowing. Blood. There was blood everywhere. 33 people on a ship in the deep sea for 8 months. 22 murdered and only 11 came back. And nobody wanted to talk about what really happened out at sea.   Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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