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NYC Top “Escort” Service Catering To Rich Married Men Turned Out To Be College S*x Cult

The Department of Justice makes a very public statement—it feels more like a threat.  “Please do not reproduce, share, or use this exhibit in any way. If you have downloaded this file, please delete it off your device.”  The DOJ had accidentally leaked a file they previously moved to seal from the public. Not one thing, nor one name was redacted.  The file in question - is the client list to one of the most high profile sex workers in all of Manhattan.  Her revenue in just a few years was in the millions of dollars - her hourly rate was $1500.  It’s safe to assume that this leaked, ’sealed’ file includes the names of NYC’s upper elite. High peorfile businessmen, millionaire-married couples, artists, restaurant tycoons, and lots and lots of rich married men.    Some of the names were recognized to be high level executives at Apple, other major retailers, one wealthy hedge fund manager, one international diamond dealer, and a former NY Supreme Court Judge.  But they hadn’t just been listed as clients for sex work.  They had all been named as alleged clients of a sex trafficking business run by a college cult.    10 years prior, a man had walked onto an elite private school campus to visit his daughter, a sophomore at the university. The man, her father, ends up staying on campus, living in his daughter’s dorm, and quickly begins the process of grooming and brainwashing all of his daughter’s friends.    The result was a decade long cult. Some of the friends turned cult members were ‘promoted’ to chauffeur or solder. Others into forced labor. His daughter’s friends would become his wives.’ And that left one, forced to turn to sex work. They all served one old, middle aged man.  This is the case of Lawrence Ray and his decade long cult of college students and sex.  Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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