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Man Kept A 9-Year-Old Girl In His Room For 10 Years Without His Mom Noticing

That was it. He was going to kill her.  Sato, a bachelor, a young man who still lived with his mother terrorized her within the walls of her own home. Sure, she could still go out, enjoy her life, but Sato had control over the household in a way that made her feel suffocated.  Trapped.  Sato’s mother called the police on him the first time she felt that her life was truly in danger. She was sure he would kill her.  At least that was the version she told the police. But when they came to her house and found a kidnapped girl in her son, Sato’s bedroom— They discovered the girl had been missing for nearly a decade.  She was nine years old when she had disappeared.  Still, the mother kept to her story. That she too, was held emotionally captive and it seems the police believed her.  But the girl, now a young woman, remembers things a little bit differently To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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