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Wife Found a Missing Girl’s Torture Film On Her Husband’s VHS Camera 

Somi doesn’t normally go through her husband’s things, but their house has been so cluttered, she’s going to lose her mind. From the back of their closet, she comes across old VHS tapes and a VHS player that she doesn’t recognize. Home movies, old memories? She pushes the tape in and presses play. The screen lights up. It’s a bed and two naked bodies. Her husband… and another girl laying next to him. There are words written all over both of their bodies in thick marker, words like ‘Prince’ and ‘King.’ Then Somi sees the blood. The girl has a long slice down her private area; she’s bleeding, trembling, completely terrified. The male—her husband’s voice—snaps at the girl, “Endure it even if it hurts.” Then he proceeds to SA her. Somi is frozen—but her mind is in overdrive—she can’t shake the feeling that she knows the girl—she can’t place a name but she recognizes the girl’s face. It was the same one on the missing posters in town. The girl in the video was the little, 8-year-old girl that had gone missing a year ago. Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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