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Teen Went On “Truth Telling” TV Show To Win Money, Told 18 Personal Secrets, Then Was Murdered

Ruth just wanted to tell her boyfriend the truth. It’s not like their relationship sucked - he was just fine? He was kind of smart? But he lacked ambition. He was just a taxi driver… and… well she did have another big secret she was hiding from him. It was finally time to come clean. Bryan wasn’t expecting it to hurt this much. It was bad enough to hear the love of his life had betrayed him… but to have it happen so publicly? Bryan looks up and sees rows and rows of people staring at him. He could feel their pity radiating in the air. He glances around - the cameras are all trained on him. Recording his every move and every facial expression. Soon, millions of people will see the most embarrassing moment of Bryan’s life. Bryan, along with Ruth’s parents, found themselves on the reality TV show “Moment of Truth” set. They were sitting there listening to their beloved Ruth share all her deepest, darkest, secrets. The ones she had been hiding from them. And one of them would get her killed. Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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